Mental Health Counseling

The providers at Pembroke Family Medicine are dedicated to helping our patients to both identify and meet their personal health goals. As part of this effort we employ a Behavioral Health Specialist who is trained in Chronic Disease Self-Management techniques and also is licensed by the State of New York to provide a wide array of services and techniques to assist with mental and emotional health needs. Behavioral health and physical health are closely related and Pembroke Family Medicine offers services that assist in both areas. Behavioral health includes healing with daily challanges, removing barriers to services for emotional, mental and substance related concerns, as well as dealing with trauma, chronic disease, depression, anxiety and end of life care. This integrated care model is convenient and cost-effective and removed the stigma associated with mental and emotional health counseling.

Pembroke Family Medicine has a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with patients 16 and older and is available for several types of sessions including short-term solution focused assistance and bridging to longer or specialized care. Office appointments are offered at all of Pembroke Family medicines locations, referrals are made from your primary care provider.

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